We provide our customers with a comprehensive trading food service


We have in-depth, inside knowledge of all the processes and ins and outs of the business in which we operate.

Tell us what you want, we'll get straight to work on it


Selling and distributing all over the world the best meat, fish and value-added food products.

Tell us what you sell, we'd love to know about your product


Striving to offer our customers every facility in obtaining the product they need.





PORK, BEEF, LAMB, CHICKEN and TURKEY; and meat slaughtered in accordance with Halal procedures.

We supply fresh or frozen meat, according to the customers’ needs. We guarantee the traceability of all the meats we sell, which means we know what the animals have been feed, what treatments they’ve received, where they’ve been slaughtered and what methods have been used to obtain their meat.

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We sell frozen fish and seafood that comes directly from fishing companies and fish farmers based in the main production zones: USA, Peru, Argentina, China, Norway, Galicia and Morocco, who guarantee the top quality of all the species and varieties that we supply, accrediting the sustainability and quality of their production methods.

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Value-added meat products

We’re constantly striving to offer new value-added products for the catering industry or end customers. We currently market these products under our registered trade name BARCELONA PORK. The positive response we received for these products encouraged us to create the brand and to widen its range and presentation formats. When you try them, you’ll see why.

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Other food products

If you’re looking for a HIGH QUALITY FOOD PRODUCT, we can supply it. All we need to do is discuss it, find out exactly what you need and reach an agreement; it’s as simple as that.

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About us

At Nunestfood we base our philosophy on professionalism, high quality and a practical approach. We like to make things easy and to get them done as quickly as possible.

We're diligent.

We only work with approved suppliers who hold the relevant quality certificates for the products they sell. IFS, BRC or QS are some of the quality standards with which our products come certifiwed.

We're agile.

We adapt to our customers’ demands, no matter how specific. Meanwhile, we control the logistics process from the moment we receive an order until it’s transported and delivered to the end customer.

We're reliable and effective.

Our relationship with our suppliers enables us to work highly effectively. Our team is personally familiar with their work methods, controls all their products at source and monitors them exhaustively until they reach the end customer, fulfilling all the corresponding requirements.

We add value.

We have an excellent logistics system in place to ensure that our customers are supplied with the best products in optimal conditions. As such, we contribute to making them more competitive. It’s a win-win situation.

We're a solvent company.

Our collaborators know it and that’s why they place their trust in us.


Nunestfood only offers the best of the best. If quality is the key for you and you’d like us to discover your products and become the representatives - distributors of your food products, please contact us. We’re keen to find out about your company, work methods and the end products you supply.

If you’re on the same professional wavelength as us, we can definitely do business together.


When we’re on the move, our offices go where we go. But when we stop you can normally find us in the Barcelona area.

Wherever you are, you can contact us:

+34 93 883 57 51

If you prefer, you can also send us a message through this form:

Thank you!

Join us

At Nunestfood we're always keen to meet new professionals and to consider them for new openings and projects in the future. If you have experience in our sector and you'd like to work with us, please send your CV to info@nunestfood.com

We'd like to meet you!

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